Daily Activities
Outdoor play and recess, quiet time for homework help and reading each day, board games, puzzles, and small group manipulatives, gymnasium fun, arts and crafts, and nutritious snacks.

We will be closed on holidays and days when school is not in session.
2:50pm - 6pm Monday through Friday. 
Children may be picked up anytime before 6pm.

Locations & Contacts
The Learning Camp Afterschool Program operates out of Brush Creek Elementary, Red Hill Elementary and Eagle Valley Elementary schools. Children from Gypsum Elementary will receive transportation to Red Hill Elementary by The Learning Camp After School Staff. 

Call program locations to reach us directly during after school hours:

(970) 471-6312 for Brush Creek Elementary

(970) 471-1819 for Eagle Valley Elementary

(970) 471-9118 for Red Hill and Gypsum Elementary Schools.

Fees & Registration
$ 21.00 per day
$ 12.00 per day for each additional child in the same family.

All children must be registered in order to participate in The Learning Camp After School.  Registration is online at Learning Camp Registeration.  CCAP is availavle to assit with funds through Eagle County Human Services.  Click here for more information CCAP Information.


Attendance Reservations 

White reservation envelopes are in each elementary school office along with our drop box.  Please make your reservations there for the day, the week or the month. Or phone the program phone for reservations.  Or you can make them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Please call if you have last minute changes!  We will always have room for your child.

Cancellations: There is no penalty for cancellations. Call anytime before your scheduled session to let use know not to expect your child.






We will administer life sustaining medications only. We recommend that if other medication is needed it be received before 2:50 PM or after 6 PM.  If your child is on any life sustaining medications, we are required by our license to have them stored with us and have a perscription that is current for them with the medications, in order for us to administer.  


Personal Belongings 

Make sure your child has warm clothes as needed for outdoor play.  Please label all of your child’s belongings.  We will make every effort to ensure your items are not lost.  We will not be liable for lost items. Please dress children each day for appropriate outdoor weather activities in the afternoon.


Poor Behavior/ Discipline
Learning Camp After School believes in RESPECT for each other.  We will only speak to your child with respect when we need to provide discipline.  Should there be a problem, your child will be given two verbal warnings to correct a behavior.  We will work hard with you and your child to ensure their success, but respect and kindness is imperative.  Should we be experiencing any behavior problems, you will be advised. If the problem continues to be ongoing, your child will no longer be able to attend the Learning Camp After School Program.


Mutual Respect

Please know that we are working with your children by choice and in good faith.  We simply can not continue to work with parents that continually run late in picking up their children or who are regularly rude to our staff.  Should either of these situations occur, your child will no longer be welcome to attend our program.  I hope that you will understand and respect our position on this issue.



When a child becomes ill or is injured during the after school program, the parent/guardian will be contacted.  If the parent can not be reached our staff will adhere to the emergency contact information on your child’s registration form.  Please notify us immediately if changes occur in addresses, phone numbers or emergency contacts for your child.  Should we not be able to reach anyone listed, we will take emergency actions necessary for the safety of your child.


Emergency Preparedness
According to our license, we will be conducting emergency drills each month. Those drills will include; fire drills, lock down drills, and lock out drills. Lock out drills will take us walking distance from school. Each of these drills will happen 3 times during the year. See Director for Information.

In the event that we have to relocate your children due to an actual threat we will notify all parents by cell phone.  Your children will be able to be picked up at the following locations:

RHES and GES     Gypsum Creek Middle School

EVES                     Eagle Fire Station

BCES                     Dusty Boot


Late Pick Up

The after school program operates from 2:50 PM – 6:00 PM Monday through Friday.  We close at 6PM.  If you will be later than 6PM please call and notify us. Should you run late regularly your child will not be welcome to attend our after school program. 



Payments are expected prior to your child attending a Learning Camp Afterschool Program.  The Learning Camp payment box is in the school office during school hours.  It will be on our table in the after school program during our program hours.  Simply put your check in the envelope provided and identify your child, his/her grade level and his/her schedule on the envelope. You may also pay by credit card on file and your child may have the freedom to come anytime you need us.  We accept Visa and MasterCard too. A credit card may be kept on file and will be charged 2 times per month, for only days you utilize the program.  We are unable to carry a balance more than 30 days.  Credit cards must be on file with our program if you do not intend to pay us daily.